Camp Hot Shots Mission Statement

Empowering Youth to Manage Diabetes

When your child is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, the entire family including grandparents are affected and it becomes a constant learning ordeal!  With new activities and growth spurts, adjustments must be made and the need for understanding, knowledge and patience is critical. 

The mission of Camp Hot Shots is to empower youth to understand and manage diabetes through self-management and become self-disciplined and responsible. Our skilled medical staff will work with each child to help them understand and learn how to overcome the challenges of living with diabetes and live a long healthy life.


  • To provide a positive, safe and healthy experience for children and young adults with diabetes
  • To educate children and young adults regarding diabetes and foster independence, self-discipline and responsibility
  • To promote that goals and aspirations are limitless if they properly manage their diabetes
  • To foster relationships between the children, young adults, staff, volunteers and parents/guardians that will last a lifetime

We want these children to know they are not alone in this battle and can do anything anyone else can do. They learn about diabetes in a fun and engaging way outside of hospital or clinical walls! They also learn from each other and develop friendships and make lifelong memories!